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Training Instructions

Training Infrastructure. Delta Guards Pvt Ltd has an integral Training Academy for comprehensive training of its staff. It comprises Indoor Training and Outdoor Training facilities at two locations mentioned below. :-

Indoor Training

Indoor Training is conducted in a four storey building at L-194, S/F Block-L, Road – 7 D, Mahipalpur Extn, New Delhi-110037. The facility comprises a Training Hall and a Video Projection Hall with all required amenities. 

Outdoor Training

Outdoor Training curriculum is conducted at Aravali Hills, Gurgaon Haryana. The facility comprises outdoor training area spread over 23.5 acre area complete with all training amenities.

Training Academy is an integral part of Delta Guards Pvt Ltd catering to our training and recruitment requirements and it is not a separate entity. 1641 personnel have been trained in our Training Academy in this calendar year till date.

Training Team

Details of Delta Guards Training Team are given below:-

Name Rank Designation Qualification
Indraj Singh Lt. Col. G.M. & Training Director BSc
RS Thakur Capt Security Trg Inspector BA
Atin Mandal Capt Inventory Control Trg Insp BA
Om Prakash Capt Security Trg Insp BA
Mahendra Singh Sub Security & Fire Trg Insp BA
Sandeep Kumar Civ Security & Fire Trg Mgr BA
Suresh Kumar Civ Security & Fire Trg Mgr BA